How To Sell Your House Without A REALTOR®

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Today, we'll talk about: How To Sell Your House Without A REALTOR®

If you want to get your home sold on your own, you'll have much work ahead of you...
You'll  need to do the necessary legwork to gather all the market intelligence you can. 
We're  lucky that nowadays, information is plentiful and readily available. Use all the tools at your disposal—you’ll need them.

An easy part of your research is attending open houses near you. Scope your competition and get marketing ideas how you too can attract buyers to your house?

So here they are: 

The Seven Most Important Things To Watch Out For When Selling Your Home On Your Own

#1 Check the neighborhood - Who is your competition? How do you compare? 
#2 Analyze the "Real Estate Market Data" for a correct listing price - Overpricing will hurt you in the long run.
#3 Make sure you hire a " Real Estate Photographer" - Yes, they're that important! 
#4 Disclose everything and don't get SUED! 
#5 Be relentless and a smart negotiator. Do not meet them halfway! 
#6 Use the correct documents or risk your contract when it favors the other side! 
#7 Whatever you do...Don't lose money!  -  Watch for those pesky contingencies with a magnifying glass.

Another important action is how to position and stage your property so that it appeals to qualified potential buyers – Not all buyers are the same, and professional REALTORS®  with experience excel in this area. Just ask around and research before wasting thousands of dollars repairing,/fixing/ improving items that may not make a difference whether your house sells for one dollar or more than anticipated  

Finally, pay close attention if you have the time, the knowledge and the emotional fortitude to sell your house on your own..
After all, 
If you are selling it on your own to avoid paying a commissions, you need to look at selling your own house from a different  perspective 
A commission should not be an expenditure...
A commission is an investment  you pay to help sell your house for more!
 with the least amount of hassle
 ....while always protecting your  best interests 

Our commitment as your real estate professional is to help you find your dream home at the right timing for you.

It's the biggest purchase of your life, and can assure you that even small mistakes can be costly.  BEWARE, technology changes almost daily and I can help you pinpoint all the homes for sale near your location points. I have access to over 18 million properties from hundreds of locations, including Government  properties, action homes, VA homes, HUD Properties and all available private houses for sale in between.
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