Ready To Buy a Home? - Four Questions for Your Lender
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Today, we'll talk about: Ready To Buy a Home?  - Four Questions for Your Lender

Finding the right lender can be a little tricky when it comes to applying for a mortgage and buying a home 
Here we talk about the 4 questions you must absolutely ask your lender when you are giving your application

1. Are There Any First -Time Homebuyer Grants Available that I Could Qualify For?

If your lender isn’t willing to work with you on providing this type of information, you may want to consider hiring someone else 
Some lenders do not bother to do this because it takes more work from their part. You need a lender who isn't afraid to search the right programs for you 
Your real estate agent should also be a source of this valuable information 

2. Who’s Paying The Property Tax Payments on my Mortgage?

You’ll want to know whether you or your lender is responsible for paying your property taxes.
This is a very important fact to know at the closing table. Just simply ask! 
Note: If the lender is paying the taxes for you, this will affect your monthly payments.

3. Is there a prepayment penalty?

When you pay principal early, 
you avoid accumulating interest on that money during that time period.
 If your bank will penalize you for paying your mortgage early...get another bank! 

 Ask this question upfront so that you have time to shop around for other options.

4. Do you lock in interest rates? Is it free?

Look into how rates have been moving in recent weeks. 
You may want to lock your interest rates if they are going up. 
You can do this as soon as they grant you an approval. 
That way, you don;t have to worry  about your rate going up between approval time and the closing date.

Our commitment as your real estate professional is to help you find your dream home at the right timing for you.

It's the biggest purchase of your life, and can assure you that even small mistakes can be costly.  BEWARE, technology changes almost daily and I can help you pinpoint all the homes for sale near your location points. I have access to over 18 million properties from hundreds of locations, including Government  properties, action homes, VA homes, HUD Properties and all available private houses for sale in between.
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